What is lube?

Lube (or lubricant) is a gel-like substance used during sexual acts like penetrative sex or masturbation. It reduces friction and makes sex more slippery, increasing comfort.

Both our For The Back and For The Front lubes are water-based and nourishing to the skin, with 100% natural ingredients. The Lube is toy and condom safe so however you get down, you can roam assured.

How do I use lube?

Shake it and pump as much or little as feels good onto your hand, a toy, or directly on the area you want to lubricate.  If you’re using our condoms, just stroke lube on the outside (make sure you cover the tip) after you’ve put it on. 

Bear in mind that if you’re indulging in a little back door delight, you will need a bit more lube to get going. 

Use as much or as little as you like; if it feels good, you’re doing it right.

Is Roam’s lube vegan?


Our lubes are vegan and made with bespoke skincare inspired ingredients.

We also stand against animal testing and our packaging is all made out of recycled materials. When you’ve finished – your lube, that is – our bottles and pumps can be recycled again at specialist facilities in the UK, contact us for more details about where.

Is lube edible?

While we wouldn’t recommend directly consuming large volumes of lubricant, our lubricants are edible. They are completely natural, so do not worry about getting any in your mouth. 

Whether they’re edible or not, lube should always be kept out of the way of children and it’s recommended to check out our ingredient list before use for any allergens.

For people asking how our lubes taste, our research suggests no perceivable scent or taste. However, taste is very individual, so we suggest you try them!

What is lube made of?

Lubricants can be made using a lot of different ingredients, and are usually oil or water based. All of our lubricants are water based with 100% natural ingredients. 

Our bespoke formulas vary slightly in ingredients, and contain the following…

Our ‘For The Back’ lube contains Tonka, Aloe and Olive - carefully selected for their Comforting, Hydrating and Repairing qualities.

Our ‘For The Front’ lube is enriched with Agave, Aloe and Jojoba, which gently and naturally Refresh, Hydrate and Care for your skin where it needs it most. 

Why do people use lube?

People use lube during sex or masturbation to make everything as friction-free and slippery as possible!

The vagina doesn’t always self-lubricate, and vaginal dryness is very common. We always recommend using lubricant even if you don’t ‘need’ it, as it makes sex much more comfortable. 

If you are engaging in anal sex or play, you will always need lube as the anus is not self-lubricating.

One last thing: don’t use spit as lube. Many STIs can be transmitted through spit, and depending on what your partner has eaten/drunk their spit can upset the microbiome of the vagina too.

More questions? Let us know questions@exploreroam.com - we're always here to help.

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