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Hi there, we’re Alex and Ben. We started Roam because we found buying sex care awkward, and our friends did too.

We wanted products we were proud to buy and use, not ones we’d shove under a magazine, at checkout, hoping Sue-behind-the-till didn’t notice. We looked, but all we could find was naff packaging (think bright blue dildo-shaped lubes), no naturality, and aggressive slogans. So, we created Roam.

Roam exists for all of us. Our aim is to challenge stigmas around sex, and to provide a range that supports what feels natural, so you can explore with comfort and confidence.

We’re chuffed you’re here.

Ben & Alex

Our mission

Roam exists to make the world a more 
sex positive place.

Join our community to explore pleasure with every sense, for every body, through natural and confident curiosity.


With wild abandon.

To a place of playful expression.

Where breathing rises and falls.

Where pleasure is naturally yours.

Lay bare to your human instincts.

In the bedroom. And out.

Use the tools to help you explore better.

Together. Or alone.

With comfort. With connection.

Go explore.

Explore curiously.

Explore confidently.

Explore intimately.

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