What Is Sexual Wellness and How Can You Improve It?

What Is Sexual Wellness and How Can You Improve It?

The Roam Team

When people hear 'sexual wellness' their minds are taken back to those long waits in the sexual health clinic waiting room. But in reality, sexual wellness isn’t just about sexual health. It’s a combination of emotional, physical and mental health. Everyday activities can impact our sexual wellness. And our sexual wellness can impact our everyday activities. In this article, we explain how to explore your body and habits to improve your sexual wellness.

What’s The Difference Between Sexual Wellness And Sexual Health?

Many people see sexual health and sexual wellness as separate topics. However, in reality they come hand in hand. Sexual wellness includes your physical health but doesn’t only include sexual aspects. It consist of how you view sex, your happiness, confidence, overall wellbeing and more.

How To Improve Your Sexual Wellness

  • Research Is Key

    First things first, do your research. You’re here reading this, so well done. Sexual wellness has many different interpretations and definitions, so finding out what it means to you and how to improve it is essential to making a real change.

  • Self Reflection

    Once you understand what sexual wellness is and how to improve it, it’s time for some good old self reflection. Dust off that old journal and answer the following questions. These are a great starting point to talk about with your partners or friends.

    • What does my sexual wellness mean to me?
    • How does my sexuality and seual experiences affect my wellbeing? (this can be emotional, physical and/or mental)
    • What sexual experiences do I want to have/have more of?
    • What do I enjoy? And what feels good to me?
  • Communicate

    Once you answer the questions above and reflect on what you want and need, you can communicate them with your partners or friends. These open and comfortable conversations are the first step to making your desires a reality.

  • Sexual Wellness In The Bedroom. And Out.

    Sex impacts and is impacted by our everydays lives. If you’re having a bad mental health week, your mind might not prioritise sex. This is okay! But for maintaining good sexual wellness you must focus on your overall health everyday. Make sure you’re feeling your best so you can feel best in bed.

  • Sexual Wellness Products

    At Roam we believe everyone should be comfortable and confident when buying sex care. Be confident that our ingredients are high quality and be comfortable in knowing it won't harm your body or the planet. Using high quality condoms and natural, plant derived, pH balanced lubricants, is a key step to good sexual wellness. We know it can get messy, so using products that are kind to your skin is always a winner.

  • Be Open to Explore

    Exploring your body, what you enjoy and what your partners enjoy helps build your knowledge of what feels good for you. By being better informed you can better realise what makes your body and your partners tick. Remember if it feels good, you’re doing it right.

What Are The Benefits Of Sexual Wellness And Sexual Health

The benefits of sexual wellness aren’t just about sex. Having good sexual wellness can make you feel more confident and happier in other aspects of your life. For example:

  • Increased self esteem and confidence
  • Boost energy levels
  • More orgasms
  • Increased imagination and creativity
  • Improved communication skills and self reflection
  • Helps provide a mental and physical release from tension
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